Date effective from – 03.22.21

  1. Introduction

The principles of data privacy applied by HINDASH COSMETICS LLC (“Hindash”), are set out in this data privacy policy. This policy explains how Hindash Cosmetics collects, uses, stores, protects and shares Customer information and data.

By submitting personal data to Hindash Cosmetics, the Customer consents to the provisions of this privacy policy.

Hindash Cosmetics LLC registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the data controller for the website (“the website”).

Hindash Cosmetics may update this privacy policy from time to time, with the date of the latest version stated above.

By using the website the Customer consents to the provisions of this privacy policy and authorizes Hindash Cosmetics to collect, organize, store, use and/or share personal data according to the terms hereof and the applicable law.

The Customer hereby agrees that, in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy, Hindash Cosmetics may transfer the Customer’s personal information/data to third-party service providers and to its affiliate companies in the UAE and internationally, including those in states that may not provide the same level of data protection as that of the UAE.

  1. Methods of Collecting/Sharing Personal Information

The Customer’s personal information and data may be sent or shared with Hindash Cosmetics in any of the following circumstances: 

  1. By accessing or using the Website;
  2. Making a purchase through the Website;
  3. Submission of a request or complaint to the Hindash Cosmetics customer service department;
  4. Subscription to any promotional material, newsletter or loyalty program;
  5. Participating in any competition, product test, survey, product review or market research;
  6. Sending or sharing content on a social network such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter using a hashtag linked to Hindash Cosmetics;


  1. Nature of Personal Information

All information that can identify the Customer is considered and treated as personal information. This may include the following Customer Information:

  1. Information concerning the Customer’s identity including names, date of birth and age gender, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  2. Payment method, specifically credit card details, numbers and expiration dates.
  3. Transaction numbers, purchase history, communications with the customer service department, preferences and interests, activity on the Site or related to any loyalty program.
  4. Photographs, videos, and comments shared on the website.
  5. Physical attributes or conditions shared on the Site or with any customer service consultant.
  6. Social media account information (for instance username, caption information, location), uploads and posts relating to Hindash Cosmetics or hashtags offered by Hindash Cosmetics;
  7. Technical information related to the Customer’s interaction with Hindash Cosmetics, for instance an IP address and like information.
  8. other information Customer voluntarily provides to Hindash Cosmetics, directly or through authorized external parties/partners.


  1. Reasons for Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information/data will be collected, organized, stored, used and/or shared for the following purposes:

  1. Processing of Customer orders and related services. This is necessary for the performance of the purchase contract with Hindash Cosmetics.
  2. Customer relationship management, specifically to ensure Hindash Cosmetics understands Customer’s needs and preferences and to manage the Customer’s membership to any loyalty program. This processing is made with Customer’s consent or is required for the purposes of protecting a legitimate interest referred to above.
  3. Administration and improvement of the Hindash Cosmetics website.
  4. Detection of possible fraudulent or other illegal activity. Hindash Cosmetics uses a fraud detection program that assesses the level of risk associated with a transaction.
  5. Managing Customer requests, complaints, access to information and the like.
  6. Other permitted or required actions under applicable law.


  1. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

Customer personal information and data may also be shared with and transferred to third party  service providers engaged by Hindash Cosmetics such as logistics providers, payment gateways, and orders management platforms for processing product purchases, payment processing, customer service management, website maintenance and technical support, product or website reviews, customer and market analysis, spam email prevention, marketing and product promotion.

Third-party service providers will only be authorized to use Customer personal information to perform the required services for Hindash Cosmetics or to comply with legal requirements under applicable law.

If any third-party service providers are located outside the UAE, Hindash Cosmetics shall ensure that an appropriate data transfer agreement, on the basis of the European Commission Standard Model Clauses, is concluded with such service provider.

Any entity which purchases all or part of Hindash Cosmetic’s business will have the right to continue to use the Customer personal information and data, in the manner set out in this privacy policy.

Hindash Cosmetics takes appropriate technical and organizational measures, in relation to the nature of Customer personal information data and risks, to preserve the security and confidentiality thereof and, in particular, to prevent such data from being altered, disclosed or transmitted to any unauthorized parties. However, Hindash Cosmetics does not warrant or guarantee the security of any information sent or shared by the Customer.

  1. Personal Information – Minors

Hindash Cosmetics does not knowingly collect or process personal information or data from minors. If the collection of personal information from minors without prior authorization from the person with the parental responsibility for the minor becomes known, Hindash Cosmetics will take all appropriate measures to contact the person and delete the personal data from Hindash Cosmetics’s records and/or those of any third-party service providers, if required.

  1. Social Media

The Customer may use any of the hashtags identified by Hindash Cosmetics on any social media platform and by using such the Customer agrees that the Customer’s content may appear on the website, will be accessible to the public and can be used to refer to Hindash Cosmetics products. 

  1. Retention of Personal Information

In general:


  1. Customer personal information/data will be kept for 3 (three) years from the date of collection or the end of the parties commercial relationship. At the end of the 3 (three) year period, Hindash Cosmetics may enquire whether or not the Customer wishes to continue to receive marketing or promotional material. If no positive response is received the Customer’s data will be deleted or archived.
  2. Data relating to credit cards (excluding credit card number) can be archived after the transaction for evidence purposes. Subject to Customer’s express consent, banking data may be kept until the expiration date of the credit card.
  3. Recordings of telephone calls and/or customer service chats may be retained for up to 6 (six) months.
  4. If any legal action is in process, the Customer’s personal information data may be retained until such legal action has been concluded.

The Customer may receive emails, telephone calls or messages from Hindash Cosmetics relating to specific products, or events. The Customer has the right to unsubscribe at any time from any Hindash Cosmetics mailing list by unsubscribing through any link provided in the communication (email or message). The Customer’s preferences can also be changed at any time to ensure that the Customer receives relevant promotional and marketing material.

  1. Amendments / Objections

The Customer has the right to access, request amendment or deletion of the Customer’s personal information as well as the right to object to the processing thereof by sending an email to the Hindash customer service department or writing to the following address:

Kindly note that in each case the Customer must provide proof of identity to Hindash.

Kindly note further that the Customer has the right to file a complaint with the competent authority responsible for data protection in the UAE or lodge an appeal if any of the Customer data is misused.

Any request for clarification on any of the terms of this privacy policy can be directed to:

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